Job Posting: Worship Leader

Job Posting: Worship Leader

First Baptist Church Schertz is currently looking for a part-time worship leader for its Sunday morning services and various special events throughout the year. These events may include Easter & Christmas specials or events of similar nature.

To Apply

To apply, read through this document to make sure you understand a little about the church and expectations. You can submit your resume and answers to the ten questions at the end of this document to

You can also email us at the same email address if you have any questions or need clarification about an issue.

We are praying through each submitted application seeking God’s wisdom for our next worship leader.

Story of the Church

• At First Baptist Church Schertz, we have a high regard for Scripture, Christ’s church, and the gathered church for worship. Anyone joining in a leadership role will be expected to maintain the same high regard.
• In our singing, we desire Christ-exalting music that welcomes the congregation as participants, not simply observers, in worship.
• We strive for blended worship reflecting various styles throughout the generations of Christian faith.
• Expositional preaching through books of the Bible. A typical sermon is about 30-35 minutes with the total service time of about 60 minutes or so.
• We currently have a praise team/choir of about 5-7 members each Sunday.
• We are a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and have the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our statement of faith.

Principle Function

The purpose of the First Baptist Church, Schertz, Music Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, and lead the congregation in worship.  The Worship Minister is responsible for providing for a spiritual, meaningful, and engaging music program. 


• The music minister must be able to express God’s love through music and personal witness and therefore must be a sincere believer in the faith and be prepared to share his faith with others.
• Experience in leading worship services.
• Music education or music ministry experience, either in a paid, volunteer, or internship position, preferred.
• An understanding of music to read and perform and ability to lead others in performance.

Job Duties

• Support the vision of church leadership through planning of worship through music.
• Coordinate weekly with the pastor to plan and lead the music and opening activities, such as prayer and announcements as needed, and, a provide for a reverent and smooth transition between the parts of the service.
• Coordinate and plan the music program with the church calendar and in coordination and under the direction of the pastor.
• This position is responsible to the pastor and personnel committee to satisfactorily fulfill job duties as assigned.
• Direct congregational singing at all regularly scheduled worship services.
• Provide and plan for special celebrations during Easter and/or Christmas and services including The Lord’s Supper and Baptisms.
• Direct the planning, organizing, and conducting of the music program by preparing groups, soloists and choirs for internal and external ministry.
• Supervise and coordinate the activities of the music ministry staff.
• Select appropriate music for regular and special worship services – including weddings, funerals and special events as required.
• Supervise and coordinate the activities of the music ministry staff.
• Encourage participation in the music program and provide an avenue for believers to share the gospel through music, keep informed of appropriate worship and music trends, methods, and materials.
• Responsible for all audio equipment, including instruments, speakers, microphones, and the audio control equipment.
• Responsible for visual equipment, including a projection, computers for song lyrics, special videos for church events and seasonal offerings, and ensuring the display monitor for the purpose of allowing the Music Minister, pastor, and vocalists to see the progression of lyrics and scriptures operates correctly.
• Monitor the purchasing, maintenance and replacement of all music-related equipment, supplies and instruments.
• Prepare an annual music budget for approval and administer the music budget appropriately.
• Other duties as assigned.


  1. While an expansive topic, describe worship in one paragraph.
  2. How do you prepare yourself for leading in worship?
  3. How do you select those involved in leading worship with you? Do you have any guidelines or qualifications that you look for?
  4. How would you respond to someone asking for more traditional hymns in the service? How would you respond to someone asking for more contemporary praise songs in the service?
  5. How have you expanded a music program to include more people in previous churches?
  6. How do you introduce a new song to the congregation?
  7. What Christian music artists do you enjoy listening to or playing in worship? Are there any Christian music artists that you generally avoid their music?
  8. With what you know of FBC Schertz, prepare two order of worship services. Because we teach expositionally, prepare one anticipating a sermon in the book of Hebrews and the second as a particular psalm from the book of Psalms. You can pick any chapter from Psalms or Hebrews you would like to focus on.
  9. What instrument(s) do you play as you lead worship?
  10. Do you have any questions, concerns, or reservations with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000? Will you support these foundational beliefs?